Monday, August 15, 2016


Fore some uf us, the suit without the suit jacket, is clearly not a suit. But, who doesn't want to see his beautiful suited man in shirt and tie? This is a nice compromise. Throw the jacket over your shoulder!
 photo Captura de pantalla 2015-01-06 a las 21.15.24_zpswka9qx1d.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2015-01-06 a las 19.37.46_zpset86d2q1.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2015-01-06 a las 19.36.15_zpstbjmcerj.png  photo JoeNeary015-600x750_zpsvfnu3aey.jpg  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-11-30 a las 19.41.51_zpsnxyqx1u7.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-11-30 a las 19.35.58_zpsv2plb33p.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-12-02 a las 06.26.27_zps9m3xrove.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-11-30 a las 19.13.02_zpsqxyga6bk.png  photo 056-2_zps8zbdlvbg.jpg

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Sexy, because it's a way of undressing without undressing. Strong foremarms framed by the beautiful shirt material. Very masculine.
 photo marcelo b stockholmsgruppe l1_zpsyfyyj0xm.jpg  photo santiago garcia exclusive 0406 2 copy_zpse6leycjr.jpg  photo arber-a_zpsosdbuge2.jpg  photo EXTRA38 copy_zpsskx1bhjq.jpg  photo 1458_028 copy_zpstizmpufu.jpg  photo IMG_00009_LG_zpsa82gp9xf.jpg  photo 003_zpshgof9kj5.jpg

Thursday, July 7, 2016


The suit hunk loosens his tie. His collar, now open, seems an invitation to explore. But the jacket is still on, the suit fully on.
 photo NYIMG_00000_LG copy_zpst6d9mzac.jpg  photo nick zanetti wiener a3 copy_zpspfgoyrfu.jpg  photo NYIMG_00003_LG_zpsyg3xpl0b.jpg  photo nick zanetti wiener a6 copy_zpsjxdqzyni.jpg  photo MLIMG_00002_LG_zps0botkg11.jpg  photo martin l storm k5 copy_zpsubcttonk.jpg  photo extra23 copy_zpsl2g4csxp.jpg  photo bruce anderson 1_zpsnpxcipst.jpg  photo antonios heads 90 copy_zps8rlpdiea.jpg  photo AFIMG_00018_LG copy_zps6a3qy8md.jpg  photo andreas balthasar imc l2_zpsf4jz60um.jpg  photo antonios head 90 copy_zpsdraev7mg.jpg  photo 10573_010_zpsj12qlut8.jpg  photo andrew jhb 1_zps28yih18k.jpg  photo peter johansen scoop l6 copy_zps2kz9ygn1.jpg

Monday, June 6, 2016


Suspenders (or braces)... enhancing the torso lines of a hot suited hunk!
 photo Captura de pantalla 2014-09-17 a las 18.52.08_zpsupl1ueae.png  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-09-17 a las 18.51.01_zpszx5jfvok.png  photo tumblr_n6rgy2coVB1tb9z9bo1_1280_zpsgjeybxjj.jpg
 photo photo_1207294853_35593_zpswh21onp7.jpg  photo claudio_gallone25_zpsjcsrewcf.jpg  photo im58487_zpsoddp3qbw.jpeg  photo 632_12786_zpsfd8mqmqw.jpg  photo 31352_zpsqqhzwquc.jpeg  photo 1632_016_zps2pvmmqcx.jpg  photo 632_12785_zpscpwlvoi9.jpg  photo 29091_zpsccboxvds.jpeg  photo 4077_large_zpsgvbhwqvk.jpg  photo 110_zps1i48orjh.jpg  photo bght_zps4gmt2nhu.jpg  photo CarlJohan_020610_2_zpsxhjwlimt.jpg  photo 022_zpsxlkhh8yr.jpg  photo 021_zpsat2yfhj5.jpg  photo 1646m19_zpsssdxpdjo.jpg

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Fully suited is ideal, but after a long day at work, looking gorgeous, isn't it nice to see your man in his dress shirt, maybe a couple of buttons undone? Or in a fresh, crisp shirt, before the tie is knotted on? So suggestive, so sexy!
 photo zenk 3 copy_zpstd9rgqle.jpg  photo yannick l 8_zpsimc3sgro.jpg  photo peter_10_zps7gohptut.jpg  photo yannick l 4 copy_zpstvbunr5i.jpg  photo photo_1285754053_13215_zpsbgvrvbfg.jpg  photo largeaae912d5593f59e98a5e40dd6602e301_zpsrvk4jcx1.jpg  photo resizer_zpslymvxp9i.jpg  photo peter_c1_zpsrwtgsogr.jpg  photo resizer-1_zpsl90krez8.jpg  photo MichaelL_280110_10_zpsebyu5bwl.jpg  photo parker tuley donnabaldwin l1 copy_zps0dogyg32.jpg  photo michael owen 3 copy_zpsetthizkt.jpg  photo facundo-sarobe_02_zpsasbtahc3.jpg  photo Matteo-Bernardi-4_zpsugrlfdco.jpg  photo matthew hickl matt 5_zpss6g1e6mj.jpg  photo Matteo-Bernardi-2_zpsgdb8nbh5.jpg  photo Martin_031_zpssefurl2i.jpg  photo Captura de pantalla 2014-11-30 a las 19.48.11_zpsiywvemgr.png  photo josh clapp uniquedk 100 copy_zps4timtaqi.jpg  photo jason m bodysoul 200706 15 copy_zps4hodh9xt.jpg  photo image-1_zpsnibnkdkw.jpg  photo CIIMG_00024_LG_zpsf8qewqfl.jpg  photo image_zpszthf9pou.jpg  photo hudson vercosa louisa 070606 1 copy_zpsbhovbkhk.jpg  photo im51180_zpski1j8noe.jpeg  photo heikowittek-13_zps0elgt1ij.jpg  photo glenn danlos talents l2 copy_zpsoggjadam.jpg  photo falko schmidt harrys 150606 3 copy_zps6a3ziyah.jpg  photo 30549_zpsni9jv18h.jpeg  photo b_6263_123204_zpsexoc4hab.jpg  photo 2053m0_zpsithjqo9h.jpg  photo 25-34-l_zpsqjdkrnjr.jpg  photo 77_zpseyod75kx.jpg  photo 867E8714-AAF3-4EE1-B9C3-E763B1AC9B12_LG_zps2fhci2q7.jpg  photo 030_zpsqzqquesa.jpg  photo 660883977_12_zpsyfqz7mln.jpg  photo jeffslater_tyson-15_zps7c2vyrd5.jpg  photo 025_zps4exyrhuz.jpg  photo 010_zpswjxjwwhx.jpg  photo PedroM_180208_0_zpslsgrvtap.jpg  photo m-274-20060928-1159458281 copy_zpsq3ppnszc.jpg