Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chalkstripes and Pinstripes

Except for the light gray, this is my top favorite. The stripes literally follow a man's suited body, enhancing every shape, bend, bulge and curve.
 photo stevenpriebelouisa1306066copy.jpg  photo stevenpriebelouisa1306065copy.jpg  photo photo_1207219461_63215.jpg  photo models-560-1copy.jpg  photo largea75abaaaf020fc2fd5c7a754dfbf8d36.jpg  photo CIIMG_00010_LG.jpg  photo CIIMG_00004_LG.jpg  photo CIIMG_00003_LG.jpg  photo 46611_SC_wprint.jpg  photo photo_1256128800_6590.jpg  photo photo_1208439811_57211.jpg  photo photo_1208439777_47007.jpg  photo photo_1207218985_47401.jpg  photo 066.jpg  photo 011-2.jpg

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