Sunday, August 3, 2014

White Shirt and Tie

White is the best shirt color. Period.
 photo photo_1233669520_5811.jpg  photo photo_1215781397_418.jpg  photo photo_1215781342_26775.jpg  photo large0762a1275807296eb650f0cdaeb19bf5.jpg  photo img_05.jpg  photo image-1.jpg  photo im55588.jpg  photo im50035-1.jpg  photo Emanuele-F-6.jpg  photo diesel_s1.jpg  photo big6367.jpg  photo bert_200018_large.jpg  photo 474215a5635856919c81f91a59bd2702.jpg  photo 86109d400f0ed29e840b47ed72777c84.jpg  photo 44129_mww.jpg  photo 15626l77wmid100511img_00001_lg.jpg  photo 11818_MarcHartung7.jpg  photo 5238_Zohren.jpg  photo 3349_HaroldD57.jpg  photo 2463_peter71.jpg  photo 1314-24-l.jpg  photo 292.jpg  photo 00118f456fdb9b2cc4c8148f54fdae18.jpg  photo 101.jpg  photo 57g.jpg  photo 051.jpg  photo 051-1.jpg  photo 035.jpg  photo 033.jpg  photo 026.jpg  photo 025_michael_schuhmacher_book.jpg  photo 016.jpg  photo 007_martin_evans_book.jpg  photo 005-1.jpg  photo 003-1.jpg  photo 002x.jpg  photo 001x.jpg  photo 001_martin_evans_book.jpg

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