Wednesday, September 17, 2014


On any given day, this would be one of my top-three most sexiest patterns. No. 1 currently is the light gray. No. 2 is blue, right in the middle of dark and light...
 photo 2128-26060_zps6a6ba397.jpg  photo 017_zps46a222e6.jpg  photo adam_e_15_copy2_zps9b102b74.jpg  photo Adrian05_zps8697b918.jpg  photo 056_zpse598b617.jpg  photo 78_zps4e22fe0f.jpg  photo 3577_55480_l_zps14a4dc03.jpg  photo 3577_55482_l_zpse312389a.jpg  photo 3577_55478_l_zps2642eff9.jpg  photo 030_zpsc030ad7b.jpg  photo 1065-15-l_zps05c4d5b6.jpg  photo 1343-18-l_zpsb3ec538b.jpg  photo 10564_002_zpsc1483d2b.jpg  photo 10615gfiomid10073301_zpsbaaf52e9.jpg  photo Falk-50_zps5fdfa90b.jpg

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