Friday, October 17, 2014

Relaxed Tuxedo - Tuxedo Strip

Almost as sexy as the full tuxedo. After the big night out, the hunk loosens up, relaxes, unties, unbuttons...
 photo vf10.jpg  photo NYIMG_00038_LG.jpg  photo im38945.jpg  photo HG_55A.jpg  photo DavidLucas_25.jpg  photo d8fd33f4c697d1f2278a42e9193d8236.jpg  photo 5926.jpg  photo 1110_044.jpg  photo 012_colin_owens_book.jpg  photo 007x.jpg  photo 25569.jpg  photo 24601.jpg  photo 24007.jpg  photo 23653.jpg  photo 19289.jpg  photo 1919m4.jpg  photo 207e384185cf2f7e2f4e1b2cedada218.jpg  photo 095.jpg  photo 043.jpg  photo 039.jpg  photo 30b0e9e65f665655da492419620e9bda.jpg  photo 014.jpg  photo 8fd6fc7c31a08ef76137816fbe0b6e7e.jpg  photo 07ryan_doom_bookcopy.jpg  photo 7b.jpg  photo 4fefed995eb187fe7d0c0e4e2351f82a.jpg  photo 004.jpg  photo 3c947bc2f7ff007b86a9428b74654de5.jpg  photo 0ac08910b7e81371887df3d62b8940ac.jpg

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