Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Three Piece Suit... with Bulge!

Getting a little low and dirty here... Who doesn't love a three-piece suit? All that luxurious fabric, in one extra layer! But to me, it's all even better with the jacket unbuttoned, and the lower peaks of the vest framing a beautiful view of the front bulge, down there...
 photo 003x_zpsf6ab8bd4.jpg  photo 897650copy_zpsc27ed486.jpg  photo Axel_S_-_1_zps8a32e827.jpg  photo andreaspandik3copy_zpsb3a96e7c.jpg  photo 100000157708_a_600-1copy_zps79895613.jpg  photo 19_amiramcopy_zps0f300054.jpg  photo 1188520copy_zpsb583586d.jpg  photo 190542_zps1fb2275b.jpg  photo 035315ducmid100457img_00045_lg_zpsba9610c2.jpg  photo 1506-12-l_zps8bbeedd4.jpg  photo 005_zps546b4c36.jpg

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