Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tie Undone Around the Neck

A favorite look of mine. The shirt collar is finally open and free. And I love manly necks. You can now start playing with the shirt buttons and with the rest of your man. But the tie remains visible. Hanging, fluttering, pointing...
 photo 21998_zps734eac3c.jpeg  photo FIRST_zpse89dac3a.jpg  photo c2bfac25964fc4d92269fc129b16eeb5_zps035f5833.jpg  photo 021_andrei_book_zps4d4a2071.jpg  photo a40_zpsd98bdb0a.jpg  photo 55413_zpsab1e5129.jpg  photo 63003_zpsb4b06c8a.jpg  photo 46808_zpsb4fb2569.jpg  photo 20075_zpscd7f2b29.jpeg  photo 44114_zpsa8cecb7b.jpg  photo 10375copy_zpsc0bd0068.jpeg  photo 04d81fced5c98dd0927231751561d1fe_zps00a78781.jpg  photo 764-1-l_zpsfdab602c.jpg  photo 272c21e07e86292504773b7877bbf975_zpsc24b9885.jpg  photo 190_zps78ee59eb.jpg  photo 047_zps69619b1a.jpg  photo 016_navarro_book_zps08806670.jpg  photo 2b6fd1d1de3b5bc93012cdba04931d2d_zpsdf5d1d13.jpg  photo 06ee1175c73963ad6b722d38373962d7_zps1876717e.jpg

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