Monday, January 12, 2015


Drifting into non-kiddy-friendly stuff again... Of course, maybe it's all fabric, but then again, maybe not! You'd have to poke around to make sure it is what you want it to be. But instances of bulge sighting are almost always public and so strictly hands-off, so just look (casually - don't stare!) and dream...
 photo 365aa6ebdc3dbf28e7b9ea1c1b4d2908_zps23ad3061.jpg  photo 025_01_zps0f020075.jpg  photo 040_andrei_book_zpse24961e8.jpg  photo 44f435378639cace89359b74df3fa4c1_zps45e627eb.jpg  photo 023_berend_book_zps76eafa85.jpg  photo 27_zps4df2176f.jpg  photo 019_claudio_avila_book_zps8da570ed.jpg  photo 8e4c9e66c9201e4eba41d06eb6dfe408_zpsd79c1302.jpg  photo 07d6f6e385d562b4aedb00474785f6c7_zps14e331dc.jpg  photo 003_diego_lodi_book_zpsbddfcc2a.jpg  photo 5_16_zps48170a2b.jpg  photo 006_zpsc6b319d0.jpg  photo 2ffe833d3763c27372542e50be7de07f_zps00cd831f.jpg  photo 003_zpsaf5e7f2a.jpg

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