Thursday, April 30, 2015


You have unbuttoned your beautiful man's dress shirt. His chest, exposed. But the shirt is still tucked in, not fully revealing yet what's beneath. Especially sexy if the shirt is white. Or if it's a tuxedo you're (slowly, please!) taking off...
 photo stephan breckheimer eastwest 100_zpsmntcx5gr.jpg  photo Simone 4_zpssjqt48w7.jpg  photo 03laurence_nicotra_book_zps37qsnzfj.jpg  photo 02laurence_nicotra_book_zps3jmul9ls.jpg  photo ryan doom ford 060706 3_zpsnusjqrbw.jpg  photo sebastian schulte 24_zpsnjlud4o8.jpg  photo Brad19_zpshfkusumw.jpg  photo buck palmer hommes l8 copy_zpsgrm5kcei.jpg  photo amiram bookings 4 copy_zpsemz2gvxe.jpg  photo 1972m20_zpsh4kn5ghc.jpg  photo 164_zpsl5esupmu.jpg  photo 11_zpsrdlecym9.jpg  photo 036_zpseqbhicwf.jpg  photo 274-MICKEY_HARDT-089-g copy_zpsn4mszugo.jpg

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